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Kinetic Suspension Bracket 1" ID

Kinetic Suspension Bracket 1" ID

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Highlights of the brackets
  • 1.025" inside width
  • 1.265" overall width
  • 1/2" hole
  • .820" hole center to the bottom of the bracket
  • Rounded corners
  • Weld on 

Other than looks and weight, the biggest difference between Kinetic's suspension brackets and the brackets on page 62 of "the book" is, our brackets are 5/8" narrower--1.265" wide instead of 1.9". In my opinion, "book" brackets should not be used with rod ends. The internal width of a "book" suspension bracket is 1.65", vs. 1.025 for the Kinetic suspension bracket. Subtract .625" for the ball in a 1/2" rod end and you get 0.200" bolt overhang on each side of the ball for Kinetic brackets, where "book" brackets have over half an inch of unsupported bolt on each side of the ball. That's a lot of beam loading for a 1/2" bolt, over twice the moment arm as the same bolt in a Kinetic bracket.

The distance from hole center to the base of the bracket is .940 (.820 for the inside).

Our brackets have rounded ends because I got sick of cutting myself on"book" suspension brackets. Also they look racier when they're rounded, since who but a racer would go to this much trouble to save a few grams.


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