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Dzus fastener kit (four of everything)

Dzus fastener kit (four of everything)

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Dzus fasteners come in a variety of sizes, but the size best suited to our application is the 6.5, which has a 13/64" diameter stud, and that's the size we stock. Our Dzus kit includes four receptacles ("plates"), four springs, and four studs ("buttons") Rivets are not included

Included in the kit

  • 4- mounting plates
  • 4-springs
  • 4- studs

The Dzus system has two main components; a spiral-cam stud (often called a "button") and a receptacle containing a wire form spring. The receptacle is mounted on the base structure and the stud goes through a hole in the body panel, with its head on the outside of the panel and its spiral locked into the spring.

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