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Clamshell fenders "America"

Clamshell fenders "America"

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The price is for the pair (left and right side) of fenders.

Why are they called clamshells? That's obvious, but why are they called America fenders?

When the Lotus Seven came to the world of SCCA Production Racing, back in The Day, they had the "cycle" front fenders that the performance people love, and have loved ever since. However, not everybody else loved them. Yes, the Seven qualified as a production car -- Lotus had made more than enough of them, and they were street legal -- but it was a bit too obvious that it was really just a Formula 2 car with an extra seat and a cheapo body. To fit the rules, it got some removable doors (hey, the class required doors, they didn't have to be permanent), and to be designated a sports car rather than a formula car by SCCA, the open wheels had to go. Enter the Lotus Seven America.

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