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Catfish Nose

Catfish Nose

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The Catfish nose is four inches shorter than the TTL, and also three inches wider. If you're wondering why the heck we'd bother making such a thing, well, it's to accomodate wider and lower powerplants than the traditional four-in-line. Such as the Hirth triple, various Subarus, Ski-Doo and other snowmobiles.

A detailed description and comparison of available noses is located here 

Made with hand-laid fiberglass

  • Gel coated
  • Will have rough edges
  • Needs to be fitted to your chassis
  • We recommend Dzus fasteners for installation

Yep, we trim the edges when the plastic gels, pop the part out of the mold, and put it in a box, and you sand the edges once you've trimmed the nose to fit your particular chassis and engine and radiator. You can customize the fit--which you may want to do to in small ways to fine tune your look, or in big ways if your car departs in big ways from the book

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